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Niagara Falls
B1125488 47 Hill Street
$13,000 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1132887 35 Commercial Street
$29,900 2-4 Family Residential   (idx)
B1117235 VL Broadway Road
$30,000 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B489516 26 Main Street
$59,400 Commercial Mixed or Industrial   (idx)
B1129841 10363 Route 62
$59,500 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1096024 333 Jamestown Street
$69,900 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1117926 10 Walnut Street
$69,900 2-4 Family Residential   (idx)
B1120615 20 Chestnut Street
$69,900 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1119999 46 Saint John Street
$75,500 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1132095 46 Chapel Street
$90,000 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1094888 137 Jamestown Street
$94,000 2-4 Family Residential   (idx)
B1129189 10036 Hawkins Road
$99,900 Single Family Residential   (idx)

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