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Niagara Falls
B1077356 18 King Street
$3,800 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1062237 0 Main Street
$5,000 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1062227 108 Scott Avenue
$5,000 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1062220 2002 Hanchett Road
$7,500 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1107199 0 Fassett Lane
$9,000 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1062316 0 Hanchett Road
$15,500 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1121334 0 Bolivar Road
$17,000 Lots and Vacant Land   (idx)
B1130010 2943 Truax Road
$38,000 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1133870 224 Rauber Street
$42,900 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1065371 3234 1st Avenue
$59,000 2-4 Family Residential   (idx)
B1070160 274 Scott Avenue
$64,900 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1083320 300 Dyke Street
$119,900 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B1117428 198 Main Street
$129,000 Commercial Mixed or Industrial   (idx)
B1060891 4156 Hillcrest Drive Extension
$144,000 Single Family Residential   (idx)
B447601 112 Park Avenue
$295,000 Commercial Mixed or Industrial   (idx)
B0001161 35 Highland Avenue
$299,000 Single Family Residential   (idx)

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